Software & Update Management


openmediavault is a Debian based distribution. It uses APT to install packages. All standard Debian packages are upgraded using the official Debian mirrors. openmediavault packages are upgraded using the repository.

Update Management

Package updates will be displayed under System | Update Management | Updates in the web interface. There you can view the changelog of individual packages or install all packages at once.

The software cron-apt is used by openmediavault to perform a daily scheduled job to check for new package updates. Security updates will be installed automatically in the background. If you have notifications enabled you will receive an email every time packages are ready for installation.

Using CLI


This is non-interactive wrapper script that basically re-synchronizes the package index files from their sources and installs the newest versions of all packages currently installed on the system.


This is a script which is included only in the last versions of openmediavault before moving to the next major release version, e.g. 5.6.x to 6.x. This command migrates the system to the next major openmediavault version (which mostly includes a Debian distribution upgrade as well).

Installing plugins

Plugins can be installed via the web interface or CLI. If the plugin requires some extra software, the Debian package management will fetch all dependencies from the configured Debian package repositories.

Installing Software

You can install all software available in the Debian repositories on your server.


Please note that the installation of additional software may impair or prevent the functionality of openmediavault. This includes especially the installation of newer Python package versions via PIP which have already been installed via APT. Also, please do not install packages from Debian Backports, Testing or Experimental repositories, as this may install incompatible package versions. openmediavault is strictly tied to the Debian version it is based on.

Better use a container based solution to install additional software to do not affect the openmediavault operating system.


Do not install the apache webserver package, this leads to the uninstallation of the openmediavault package and the unusability of the system.


$ apt-get install <packagename>


$ apt-get remove <packagename>

Purge (remove package and configuration files):

$ apt-get purge <packagename>



The OS repositories are in this file /etc/apt/sources.list.


Debian provides the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder for adding external repositories. The configuration files for the openmediavault package repositories are located here.


If there is a strong need to add the Backports, Testing or Experimental Debian repository just to install the most recent software, then please ensure that these packages are properly pinned [1] to avoid the system becoming unstable for adding core unsupported software by mistake.