This tool is used to deploy the configuration of services and to start or stop them.

To get a list of all available deployment states:

# omv-salt deploy list

To deploy one or more states run the following command:

# omv-salt deploy run <NAMES>...
# omv-salt deploy run avahi monit systemd

The tool also supports stages that bundle various tasks. To get a list of them, run the command:

# omv-salt stage list

The following stages are available:

  • setup

    This stage is being run only once after the openmediavault Debian package has been installed on the system. It is used to set up the system to the desired requirements.

  • prepare

    This stage takes care that the pillar and grains are up to date and all modules/states are being synced to the minions.

  • deploy

    Deploy the configuration of various services like SMB, FTP, …

  • all

    This stage contains the stages prepare and deploy.

If you want to deploy all states in one bunch, then you need to execute the following command:

# omv-salt stage run deploy